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Pavvoken Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd.

It has higher capacity and discharge efficiency, and can meet the working requirements of vehicles for longer time and greater load.

European quality from Belgium,size and capacity are effectively integratedEuropean DIN standard and European BS standard.

1600 charge and discharge cycles, long service life, PureDin, PureBS series power supply, is the ideal choice for electric forklift trucks.

The power battery can be used as high-end power supply for logistics equipment such as electric forklift, tractor and carrier.

It is widely used in Linde Forklift, Toyota Forklift, Hester Forklift, NICHIYU Forklift, JUNGHEINRICH Forklift and other brand electric forklift.

In order to meet the needs of our customers, we have also developed a maintenance-free colloidal storage battery for electric forklift trucks with advanced technology, FullGel PzV series.

Factory direct sales, large inventory, reliable quality, to meet customer needs.

Perfect after-sales service system, so that you buy at ease, comfortable with.

Has many years of research and development, production, operation and maintenance experience and perfect series of products and a complete set of power supply solutions.

European quality from Belgium, product size and capacity effectively integrate European DIN standards and European BS standards, is the ideal choice for electric forklift.

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PaavoKen Industrial Equipment (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.

The power supply of power forklift produced by PaavoKen factory can be used as long-life clean forklift battery for forklift battery, traction carrier and other equipment. PaavoKen batteries have higher capacity and discharge efficiency in the same space range provided by users, so as to meet the wo......

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Guidelines for Start-up Battery

Guidelines for Start-up Battery

Start-up batteries repair guide observation and inquiry 1, ask battery life, whether long-term shelf (long-term shelf batteries are prone to serious sulfur, can first use small current desulfurization) or in-use batteries. Has it been repair...

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